About Us


My name is Ed Wainwright, a heart transplant recipient over 6 years post transplant.

Some of my favorite people are the nurses and cardiac rehab folks who helped me in the 8 years in waiting and 6 years since my transplant.

These TShirts are to celebrate them and honor them.

I am an accredited visitor with Mended Hearts – Osceola and $1.00 from every shirt sold helps the local Chapter provide the peer to peer support they offer to patients and caregivers.  An additional dollar from each shirt sold goes to the National Mended Hearts Office to support their efforts to provide educational materials.

I worked at Disney for 23 years as a Main Street Jitney Car driver, Monorail Driver, Buyer and Procurement System Administrator, I also am a Vietnam Veteran having served on the Intrepid CVS-11 for 2 cruises (Yankee Station and Dixie Station).

I hope you check out “The Heart Whisperer Cardiac Nurse” It seems to be very popular.

I originally included some Mended Hearts items, Polo Shirts, Visitor Bags, and Tee Shirts on the site but it seemed confusing so I moved them to
www.mh-gear.com  I have also started a fun Tee Shirt Site www.teestooyou.com.

I have a face book page for the business. https://www.facebook.com/cardiacjoy

I also have a square Store  http://mkt.com/ed-wainwright 

Thank You